Hope ~ Healing ~ Resiliency

Located in Central Alabama and currently providing services statewide

With 25 years of serving and caring for people in adverse, emergent, or crisis situations, there is a crucial need for resilience education to be provided in our communities in order to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness and to ensure a higher level of safety and security for our fellow citizens. We are investing in the compassionate care of those in helping professions and in leadership roles in the community. The HH2R team is passionate about children, youth, and young families. HH2R was founded to lend helping hands when crisis occurs. We committed to lead the traumatized and wounded to triumph, and educate on health, healing, and wellness for the hurt.
They provide a professional and personal atmosphere with a gifted, efficient ability to transcend above other professionals that we have worked with previously. We treasure the relationships formed and the convenience Mrs. Karen and her company provides.
HF, Mother in Crenshaw County