Hope ~ Healing ~ Resiliency

Located in Central Alabama and currently providing services statewide

​Healing Hearts to Resiliency, Inc. provides our clients with a safe environment for the purpose of support, growth, healing and restoration.

​Our team provides counseling and consulting services in our schools and communities to include: individual therapy, family therapy, trauma informed therapy, small groups/peer support, and Psychological/Spiritual First Aid during times of disaster or crisis. Educating the public through programs that aide in decreasing violence, improving communication , and overall health and wellness within relationships. We provide peer support for organizations and high stress occupations that could change the culture of our communities and how we handle adversities.

Healing Hearts to Resiliency, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with businesses and stakeholders within the community, entrepreneurs, individuals, and other interest groups and organizations in order to enrich lives by promoting the inclusion of ALL people while serving with a spirit of excellence.